How to Take Action When You Don’t Know What To Do

by BJ on September 23, 2013

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How are you all doing? I just wanted to make a quick motivational note for you here on

How to Take Action When You Don't Know What To Do

Let me start with a quick example. If you are in my team, you are probably doing the 90 day challenge. This is a challenge to post at least one (although I recommend at least 3) videos each day to YouTube.

Sometimes, even I, with my hundreds of videos, get stuck! Yes, maybe it's hard to believe it as you watch my videos but I do get stuck. Sometimes I know that I have to make that video, but I have no idea what to talk about in it.

So here is what you do when you don't know what to do:

Just Click The Record Button And Go

I see even myself sometimes getting hesitant and not taking immediate action. Then, the more I think, the less likely I feel to take action. But guess what – when I am most scared to take action I just do it. And it might surprise you, that I actually make a good video even when I am insecure. I talk about what I am going through right at that moment and connect with people on that level.

Don't let yourself get stuck in analysis mode – you don't need to know the future all the time. This is actually valid not only for your videos but also for your business and life – too much analysis means no action. No action = no success.

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Bottom line is, when you get yourself in the analysis-paralysis mode, get out of there and just DO IT.

Knowledge is not power, knowledge + action is power!

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