How to Take Action Consistently – Set a 90 Day Challenge For Yourself

by BJ on May 14, 2014


How are you doing?

Are you ready for another inspirational video from me?

Here you go:

Everyone knows that consistent work is the shortest way
to achieve success. But unfortunately not many people know how
to stay motivated for consistent work….

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Being disciplined is especially hard when, well, there is nobody
to discipline you. With no superiors or a boss to watch over your head,
you might get a little bit lazy.

To get out of the trap of procrastinating and postponing, I offer
you to make your own

90 Day Challenge

This challenge can be about anything – your business, your
lifestyle, your personal life, your relationship….For example,
currently I am almost done with my 90 day video challenge during
which I have to upload one video per day for 90 days.

This challenge has transformed me and helped me take
consistent action for my video marketing. In fact you don't need
to do a 90-day challenge – it can be 30 or 60 days, that doesn't
matter! The point is to set a goal and a time frame for yourself,
and then repeat the activity every day.

I am saying that from my own experience – there are days that
you won't want to keep to your commitment…but the 90 day
challenge helps you to track progress and be a little bit
competitive with yourself even!

Freedom in your work is good, but only if you learn how
to stay on track, motivated and keep taking consistent action
towards your goals.

A 90 day challenge in whatever area of business or life
is an extremely useful tool in your efforts to achieve your dreams.

Action = Success

so learn to take it every day and your business will thrive!

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