How to Outsource Your Business

by BJ on July 15, 2013

Hey, there!

It's BJ with a quick video with some advice on outsourcing your business and living the dream Internet life. In this online business I don't see much pople outsourcing and that's so sad. When your business grows you can't cater to everyone personally, you can't train everyone one-on-one.

The Most Presious Asset That You Have Is Your Time

My point is that if you want your business to grow you need to outsource. It is just not practically possible to train everyone individually and to spend hours and hours with each member of your team. Maybe, yes, in the beginnig you can do it, but not when you start really growing.

After all why are you in this business? To make money online or to be a private tutor? I thought so. So just understand one thing – you can't do everything personally! This is how it goes in business, even if it's hard to accept and embrace it. I know it's your business and you want everything done well, but you gotta trust people and find sources to train these people.

You Just Can't Do It All Yourself

Most importanly, ‘Time is money' and your time is worth it! Trust me , if you spend all your time training people, you won't have the Internet lifestyle you want coz you won't have any time left. So the solution is to lead by example. When people can't manage – give them resources, not solutions. Teach them to find the answers themselves, not to ask questions. Because only then will your team and YOU be successful!

If you want you and your team to really make big money in this business, you have to start outsourcing now! You can't be a personal coach if you want to be an Internet marketing! That's the bottom line to being successful and growing your business.

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