How To Motivate Yourself – How To Get Motivated

by BJ on June 30, 2013

Hello! Hope you are all doing fine.

I am doing a quick video today about success and motivation and especially how to get motivated. I will actually share a tip from the business philosopher Jim Rohn who says that you attract success by the person you become. It's not the other way around – you become successful and success comes to you.

So my motivational TIP: Before doing what you are going to do, go to the gym. If you don't go to the gym, start now. You know what they say ‘Healthy body, healthy mind' so don't hesitate and sign up for your local gym today. While you are there, listen to personal development recordings. You will get out on a natural high – your body trained, your mind programmed.

Anyway, my point is that if I am following my own advice (this video is recorded right after I left the gym) it must be good advice, guys! After you go to the gym and you listen to motivational records your mind is in this elevated state of enthusiasm and energy that allows you to really get motivated, to really shine in all your glory.

Do A Video After Going To The Gym

If you are doing the 90-day challenge like I am, always do one video, at least one, after going to the gym. This will make you so motivated, you won't be able to keep with one video only. I am doing like 5 videos after I get out of the gym because I am so excited about everything I do and happens to me.

After you train your body and your mind the ‘how' of your communication will change. You will influence people more and be more motivated to do it! So, it is very basic, very raw but true – going to the gym and listening to personal development recordings elevates your motivation and enthusiasm!

Watch my video, tell me what you think and click the lick below.

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Talk soon


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