How To Maximize Your Traffic In Article Marketing For Micro Niches

by BJ on June 25, 2009

Once you have submitted your articles,
is that all there is to do? My answer
to this is that this is up to you. If
you want to there is more that you can
do and that is what we are going to
talk about today.

Now your content is in front of your
hungry audience and things are going
well. You're getting traffic and or you're
making a few affiliate sales. Here are a
few tips to help you speed up the
distribution of your content so you can
get more traffic and more sales per
article or report faster.

Tip 1: Let your audience know that your
article or report is available for reprint.
I know you probably think this is too
simple to really matter. You probably
think that your audience already knows
that your content is available for free
reprint because it's in a free content
directory. Your right, but we have to
think ahead.

What do you do when your article is picked
up by other webmasters and they post your
content on there site? Will the new
audience know that your article is freely
available for reprint? Some will and
some won't. To make sure that everyone
knows that your content is available for
free reprint no matter where it's posted
you have to let them know.

Just add a short blurb in your resources
box that says that the article the reader
is currently reading is available for free
reprint. Now no matter where your article
is posted there will be no question as to
whether or not it is available for free

Another point on this tip, many who read
your articles may not be in the mindset of
seeking content to publish. By letting
your readers know that they can freely
republish your content you open an entirely
new possibility to many of your reads that
they had not considered.

Tip 2: Show your audience how they can
benefit by using your free content.
Money talks! Show your readers how they
can make money by republishing your content
and they will be much more likely to use it.
How can your audience make money using your

There are two simple ways to help
others make money with your content;
show them how to add PPC ads to your
article so that when they post your
article to there site they'll generate
revenue from clicks-thrus or allow them
to change any affiliate links in the
article or report to their own so that
they are able to profit from affiliate
sales generated. If you do this I
suggest that you use 2 tier affiliate
programs so that you profit as well.

Tip 3: Make it as simple and easy as
possible for others to use your content.
The easier you make it for people to use
your content the more likely it will be
that they use it. Keep things simple!

One thing I like to do to keep things
simple is I keep a page on my website that
displays all of my free web site content
for reprint so that my visitors can easily
find all of my resources available for
reprint in one place. On that page I add
a copy and paste version of my resource
box. The resource box will include a link
to my free web site content page. This way
my visitors don't have to worry about doing
anything more than copying and pasting
what they want to use.

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To your success,

BJ Min

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