How To Mastermind Tips

by BJ on February 10, 2010

Yesterday, I had a great mastermind session with my mastermind.  We did a conference call through our regular phones.  It was over 2 hours!  Pretty long and good to talk to my old mastermind that I met at the Nitro Seminar.

I find it helpful just talking to my mastermind because they are actually thinking from my target market's perspective so it was interesting to see what their challenges and desires were.

…Anyways…if you are looking to get that extra jolt in your business, I recommend you to get into a mastermind or get an accountability partner who you can talk to regarding your internet business journey.

Internet marketing can be a solo journey for most of us so I find it's very helpful to meet like minded people and keep encouraging each other.

…Oh yeah…if you already have a mastermind or want to have one, I found a free way to do a conference call.  It's by using Skype.

Check it out here…

I'll talk to you again later…


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