How to Make Money Online By Focusing On One Method

by BJ on July 22, 2009

Here's my lesson on how to make money online.

There are hundreds of ways to make money online.  So many new methods and blueprints and ebooks and videos and membership sites coming up everywhere.

And you feel like you need to know the latest systems in order to make more money for your online business.

But from my experinece, it's better to STICK to what is working for you right now.  Stick to it.  Double up.  Triple up.  Roll it out.  Do whatever you can to make the most amount of money using what ALREADY works for you.

That's because it takes a GREAT learning curve to learn a complete new system and most likely, you will not really do well with a new system.  Plus, it can take years of patience and testing to get that new system to work.

But if there is a system that you already know how to use to the fullest, then it's SO MUCH more easier to just do it and get it rolling.  Not only will it be much easier to roll it out but you will roll it out FASTER as well meaning you will be making more money the faster way.

If you have been studying how to make money online, you most likely have tested things here and there.  Some may work for you.  Some may not work for you.  That's my experience as well.

Some methods come easy for me and some methods don't come easy for me.

For me personally, I like writing and selling eBooks period.  That's what works for me and thus, I like to just keep writing eBooks in many different topics over and over again.  Because it WORKS!

Now, there are methods on how to make money with new ways and so forth but I just find it much easier to stick to what I'm good at and master to it to the fullest.

If you take a look at the best of the best internet marketers, they are specialists in ONE specific area.  Sure, they know the general concepts of internet marketing as a whole but they focus on ONE speciifc area of internet marketing and that is how they become GREAT at it.

So my advice is for you to focus on sticking to what ALREADY works for you and take massive action in it.  Roll it out one by one and soon enough, you will be on your way to make a full time income online with part time hours.

Talk to you soon…


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