How To Make Money on YouTube Tips by a Six Figure Marketer

by BJ on July 1, 2014


Are you ready for YouTube tips by a six figure marketer?

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How To Make Money On YouTube The Right Way

A lot of people have turned to YouTube to make money online. What marketers usually do is create a channel, make a lot of videos, gain followers and views, and then they start working as a YouTube partner to show ads. When someone watches a video on their channel and clicks on the ad, they make money.

But, in my opinion, there is a better way to make money online on YouTube. Here is my secret:

1) Choose your niche. The three best selling niches in the moment are wealth, health and relationships. Choose one and stick to it. I am, for example, in the wealth niche – I teach people how to follow their dreams and make money online.

2) Create a channel on YouTube.

3) Upload quality videos giving value to viewers consistently, preferably daily. Those videos must be related to your niche to attract people who are interested in it.

4) And then, here it comes – I don't display ads to drive people away to someone else's business, but I provide links below my video to my own website! So in short, I am doing what YouTube is doing for other businesses but with my own videos.

5) Ask people to follow your link to your website.

6) Give a FREE report or anything else to leads so that they share their email address with you. You have just started creating a list, bravo! Remember, in Internet marketing, “The money is in the list”

7) Create an email newsletter giving even more value and tips to your list.

8) Promote and sell your product in those emails. The trick is to do that only about 20% of the time. Thus people will trust you more and buy more. Pitching 100% of the time just doesn't work. Follow the 80/20 rule when writing your newsletter.

This is the real way to make money on YouTube – create a relationship and sell for a long term success.

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