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by BJ on December 27, 2013

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How To Make Money On YouTube

I have been making videos for YouTube since 2007. I have tried every single way to make money online with videos. I like making videos, so I have been focused on that for quite some time now.

In my experience, the most effective way to make money with videos is to get the viewers out of YouTube and to your site.

How does it work?

1. Create your channel.

2. Record a video with valuable information regarding your niche.

3. Below the video, in the details, provide a link to your offer/website/ whatever you are promoting.

4. Repeat with another valuable tip.

This simple system will drive traffic to your squeeze page (what I recommend) where you can collect the e-mail addresses of prospective clients. This is the best automatized way to use videos to earn money online.

I have done YouTube ads, partnerships, anything, and this is honestly the most profitable way. Why did I stop doing YouTube ads? Because I prefer to direct my viewers to my own website, where they can see my product or where they share their e-mails for my newsletter. I don't want to send people to someone else's product page for pennies.

This is by far the best way to utilize YouTube videos to make money online. Trust me, I have over 900 videos on my channel and I have tried anything!

When you drive traffic to your squeeze page and create an e-mail list, you can start developing your relationship with it through e-mail follow ups, but this is a topic for another post.

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