How To Make Money On Ebay Tips by a Six Figure Internet Marketer

by BJ on February 7, 2014


It's BJ Min – the Internet marketer – with your daily tip on how to make money online.

Today I am talking about

How To Make Money On Ebay

Okay, before I reveal you how you can make money with Ebay, let me tell you the story of how I made my first dollar online.

Back in sophomore year in college I had a roommate who used to have a bunch of cool stuff. He kept on saying that he bought them on Ebay. Back then, in 2000, I didn't even know what Ebay was, so I asked him.

Back then I was into martial arts. In high school my parents had bought me a video tape (not even a dvd at the time!) on how to do Taekwondo which is a martial art itself. Well, I decided to try and sell this video tape on Ebay. To my surprise, it sold for $19.95!

Back to the present – now in 2014 I am making six figures online, but I started with Ebay. That's why I recommend you to do the same.

Starting with something easy with pump up your confidence that it is possible to be successful online. If you join an advanced marketing program, but you have no experience and don't sell anything you will feel disappointed and will very likely quit Internet marketing.

Ebay and Amazon are proven ways with which you can make money online. When you start with something secure, you create a positive base for your Internet marketing experience.

You have nothing to sell?

Here is my golden tip: find auctions with misspelled titles and buy items for real cheap. Then sell them with the correct spelling!

Another tip I can give you is to try drop shipping – selling something you don't have. You list an item you found on Amazon.comĀ on Ebay, and when it sells, you buy it and get it shipped to your customer. No inventory, no fuzz!

Watch my video for more tips:

If you want to start your business on Ebay right now, click here.

To learn more about drop shipping, click here.

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