How To Make Money Blogging Tips by a Six Figure Internet Marketer

by BJ on January 21, 2014


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How To Make Money Blogging

To start making money blogging, first of all you need a blog. If you are reading this, you probably have one already. It is much easier to get visitors to read your blog if it is on a high ranking site. For example, the blog I am personally using is Blog Beast which is powered by a company called Empower Network and is ranked in the top 100 websites in the world!

The difference between blogging on your own domain and on one provided you by a service like Blog Beast is that with the least, the same content will rank higher than with your regular personal blog. The site is well indexed within Google and any content shared through it automatically gets high ranking.

Otherwise, if you want to struggle and get your own ranking high, and learn all the ins and outs of Google indexing, you can go with your own domain, too.

Next, you have to work around one keyword per blog post Рput the keyword in the title, use it several times in the text, bold it, underline it, but don't overdo it because Google really doesn't like when we are trying to trick it. How to choose a keyword? Think about the phrase you would google if you were looking for the information provided in your blog post.

Furthermore, you want to build back links to your blog. If you don't know what this is about, no problems. There are a bunch of people online who do back links and SEO optimization for just $5. You can visit any freelance site and hire someone for that, at least that's what I do.

Hope this has been helpful, and you make a lot of money online with your blog!

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