How to Make Money as a Clickbank Vendor and an AFFILIATE

by BJ on September 12, 2013

Hi, there!

Today I am writing for those of you who are doing ClickBank affiliate marketing . Or for those, who are just thinking of starting with ClickBank and need some insights into how to do that.

Basically, there are two ways to make money with ClickBank:

1) As a Vendor

This means you are an information-preneur. You need to create your own high quality digital product like an e-book for example, you need to create a sales page, download page, etc. Bottom line here is to create a very high quality product in one of the three top niches – wealth, health, relationships – and find affiliates to sell it.

As equally important as the product is to create a great sales funnel. In addition, you want to have an useful affiliate resource page – banners, e-mails, blog posts, etc. made ready for your affiliates. People don't want to spend hours and write reviews for your product, they are more likely to promote your product if this is already done for them.

2) As an Affiliate

If you want the easier way, if you don't want to create products or sales pages, and especially if you don't have any experience with that, you better start as an affiliate. You will have hundreds of products to choose from to promote – and everything will be done for you. This is what I recommend for the beginners, just to get used to Internet marketing.

No matter what you do though, you need to learn how to do online marketing. There are terms and tools, you will need to master to be successful online. And here is where I come in! I have been a vendor and an affiliate and both successfully!

Recently I found out a new affiliate program which gives you the opportunity to make up to $3000 commissions per sale online. It is about digital products again so nothing new, but everything better!

If you want to learn Internet marketer from a six figure income earner online, JOIN ME, and I will teach you everything I know, plus give you the opportunity to use this new system.

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