How to Make Friends Who Are Interested in Personal Development

by BJ on September 14, 2013

Hello, everyone!

I just want to give you a quick tip on personal development:

Go To Events And Seminars To Meet Like Minded People

If you are into personal development and you want to continue growing, you have to consistently with people who are in for success and growth, too. Why? Because it is a fact that you become the average of the five closest people around you. So, if you are just starting in this business, or in your personal development, my guess is, you won't have this kind of like minded people around you.

The people who are into personal development are 1% of the population, I believe. Those are the ones who will spend their money on themselves – on books, seminars,, and not on cars and clothes which don't really matter. These are the people who will spend their time reading inspirational books and listening to personal development audios, instead of being a couch potato and watch TV!

The best way to meet the successful and growing individuals is to go to personal development seminars and events! The people there are already success oriented – they went there because they want to be more and do more.

You will get influenced by people whether you want it or not, positively or negatively. And let's be honest – most people out there are negative, they will tell you that you are crazy! That's why you need to go to events and connect with folks who understand you, who you don't have to convince you are right, because they already know it.

Go to the next event, and who knows – maybe I will be there, too!

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