How to Live Your Dreams

by BJ on September 18, 2013

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Today I want to talk about probably the most important thing in life. We all want to live with a purpose. We all want to live our true passion. But what is it? Read below to find out

How To Live Your Dreams

Basically, everyone wants to live their dreams. Everyone wants to know what their true mission and purpose is in this life. I have been thinking and working on finding my vision and calling for quite some time now. I focus on that because there is nothing more important than living with a purpose.

I will tell you a secret:

You Already Know What Your Passion Is

If you have been asking yourself questions about the purpose of your life, my guess is, there is a little tiny voice deep inside you that is giving the correct answer. And don't tell me there isn't. It might be really quiet or it might be shouting at you. It is there.

Think about the most sacred dreams you had when you were younger. Think about the things you wanted to do so much, but you didn't. Maybe you didn't go for your dreams then because you thought you didn't have the experience. Or maybe they seemed too huge, or maybe, or maybe…BUT most likely, the little voice inside you is telling you to do those same things NOW.

So listen, and listen carefully to your heart. And when you hear this tiny voice inside, no matter how far away it might sound, listen and write down what it's telling you.

Recognize Your Inner Voice

Once you pay attention to your inner calling it will grow louder and louder. It will become more clear once you acknowledge it.

Get free from your limiting beliefs, and listen to your inner voice to live your life to the fullest. Focus on your dreams and not the stepping stones to them.

It is about time you start living your dreams NOW.

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