How to Live Your Dreams Now Instead of Later

by BJ on September 15, 2013

Hello, guys and gals!

It's BJ Min here, and I want to share with you the lessons I learned at T Harv Ekker's camp Enlightened Warrior.

There is a lot I want to say, but bottom line of the camp for me was realizing that my heart has been speaking to me for years! I never did what I truly wanted to do – I always did the thing before that. I was preparing.

Stop Preparing For Your Dreams

My point is that a lot of times we have the ‘stepping stone' mindset. This means we do something because it will help us on our way to our dreams, when actually it just delays us from achieving our dreams. Don't put conditions for your dreams, don't put limitations on yourself.

You know what you need to do to activate your dreams today – just buckle up and do it!

When I was on the way back from the camp, I realized I am fed up with stepping stones. I want to live my dream now. I don't need more excuses that something will help me on the way to my dreams – I want my dreams to come true.

Listen To Your Heart and Live Your Dreams NOW

Look, we have one life – we don't have time to dabble and waste. We just need to listen to our hearts and take action for our dreams today. The interesting thing is I have the same dream now and 10 years ago. But when I realized it 10 years ago, I put it deep, buried it under studies and work and never went for it.

Now I know, I want my dreams to come true, my deep inner calling to be fulfilled. It is not about money, trust me, I am making them, it is about being fulfilled in life. It is about making money with a meaning, no stepping stones anymore.

What is your fulfillment in life? Follow it TODAY.

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Talk soon



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