How To Lead By Example

by BJ on June 21, 2013

Hello it's BJ here with a video in which I want to give some leadership tips to all of you guys who want to be better leaders for your teams.

Leadership is very important and it is not like management. Leadership is not about being successful but about making other people successful too.

So the most important thing, and why I am doing this video, is to tell you this

Lead by example!

Example is the best way to lead your team, you have to show them that this is the way things have to be done, and you believe in your system. The best way to make someone believe in your system is to actually practice this system.

So if I said, for example, that I will do the 90 day challenge and I don't, none of my team members will do it neither. But I do what I said I will do, this builds trust and makes your team really see you as an inspiration for themselves and for their teams. If you say you will do something, just do ti!

Practice what you preach

This is all there is in the idea of leading by example. You just have to set the high metrics for your team. Because imagine you say you will do something, or that you can achieve something and you don't. Why would your team follow you then? They have nothing to learn from you, they will follow someone else who takes action and does what they say they would.

If you want people to follow you, you have to actually lead them, show them the way they have to walk. How do you do that? Make the first step, take action and people will follow in your steps. But if you just show them the way and you don't lead them through it, they will find someone else to follow.

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