How To Increase Website Traffic

by BJ on July 13, 2013


it's BJ here with another video to improve your online marketing results. To do online marketing, we all have websites, right? Without a landing page you cannot generate sales, but how do you get people to this page? Don't worry, it's not a mystery or some super complicated Internet secret. It is simple and I will tell you now how to increase website traffic.

The one very important thing, I have mentioned before, if you want to be successful in online marketing, is being different. Focusing on being different can give you sales advantages that others just won't have. It's the same with getting traffic – you can't just do what everyone else does and expect better results than them. Moreover, if everyone uses the same traffic source it's just going to get over-saturated and there won't be any traffic coming from there.

Imagine it like a pie – the pie is very tasty, so everyone tries to take a piece, so every person takes smaller and smaller piece until there is nothing left. But if you make the pie yourself, it's all for you, you can eat it all. So, what I am saying is – BE UNIQUE! Find your personal, unique traffic source.

The point becomes not where to get traffic from, but how to get traffic.  Being in this business, you shouldn't be a copy cat. This is one thing I have learned for sure – the more you copy, even the most successful strategies, the worse. Because, you know what, somebody else has already done it. You want to try something new, something other marketers don't do.

My bottom line is to stop looking for traffic sources but start looking for ways to generate ideas about traffic sources. I mean, if you have a great website traffic idea, it is certain that somebody else will follow, and the you have to move on. So the trick is to start making your brain work on creating, not following. This is the only way to success – create, don't follow.

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