How to Increase Conversion Rates for Affiliate Marketers

by BJ on January 15, 2015

Do you want BETTER CONVERSIONS online?

Do you want to know how to create a simple sales funnel that will give you BETTER CONVERSIONS as an affiliate marketer, internet marketer, or network marketer?

…If you said yes, then watch this FREE video training here because this is the simple method I used to promote my business opportunity programs to earn a six figure income online.

By the way, this is NOT the only way to convert better with your offers.

This is just ONE method that I have used to promote many programs online (that CONVERTS better than most marketers out there).

This method works REALLY well for network marketers who promote a business opportunity using the internet.

Ok…so let's get started.

Wrong way:
Traffic -> Sales Page/Affiliate Link

Okay way:
Traffic -> Optin -> Sales Page/Affiliate Link

Right way:
Traffic -> Optin -> Preframe -> Sales Page/Affiliate Link

The reason the right way is better is for many reasons.

– First, majority of marketers do it the wrong way or the okay way. Thus, majority of marketers get typical results (and thus they struggle online).

– Second, the people who visit your website will have already seen your offer from TONS of your competition already so there is nothing that stands out about you. When you don't stand out, you become like everyone else and get results like everyone else – nothing.

The BETTER & RIGHT way to promote online (especially for affiliate marketers or network marketers who promote a program online) is to:

1) Drive Traffic to an Optin Page – The BIGGEST Asset is your list and to do that, you need an autoresponder. (By the way if you want an autoresponder to build your list, then check out my recommended resources section.)

2) Create a Preframe Page – This is to introduce your website visitors to who you are before they buy the product from you. Just by showing a simple 2 minute preframe video page before the sales page will lead you to STAND OUT from the marketplace and thus get BETTER results than what most typical people do.

3) Sales Page/Affiliate Link – After the preframe page, you want to lead them to a sales page of the offer you are promoting.

Now, this can sound confusing but it's actually quite simple because…

…now it is EASIER than ever to create a simple sales funnel (optin -> preframe -> sales page) because of this one all in one solution sales funnel software that I personally have used to make a big profit in almost every program that I joined online.

It's simple to use. It's pretty much my “go to” software whenever I want to promote any big program online.

Click Here to Increase Your Sales Conversions by Using My Recommended Sales Funnel Software for Affiliate Marketers.

Talk soon,


PS…Let me know if you have any questions below.

PPS…There is ANOTHER way to convert more traffic/leads into sales. I'll talk about that in a future blog post. Talk soon!

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Justin January 15, 2015 at 4:57 am

Can you use the pre-frame page as the opt-in form, then to get to a sales page?


BJ January 20, 2015 at 6:20 pm

preframe is not really an optin…but if you want to do a video on top of optin (that has a preframe video), then yes, i can see you going to sales page afterwards.


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