How to Hire Article Writers

by BJ on June 4, 2009


Even though this is a great way to market your
product and services, article marketing may not
seem like it is for you. You may not like to
write. You may feel like you can't write.

Thankfully, you can still take advantage of this
powerful method of marketing. You can outsource
this task to someone else that is good at it and
loves to do it.

There are several places on the Internet that you
can find some good writers. Some of these places
include,,, or You can find a writer
to write articles for you.

Now there are a lot of people wanting to write, so
start out by asking 3 people to write an article
for you. This way you can see which person wrote
the best based on what your requirements were,
which person wrote the fastest and again this is
all based upon the details that asked for.

You will then find one person that you will keep over a
long-term period. You'll want to give them a better
deal in the long run because a lot of people on the
outsource sites are looking for long-term work.

You will want to let them know that you may be hiring
a lot of people and based on the results for the first
project, you will be hiring for the long term. Hire a
person to write for you. It can cost you anywhere from
$3-$7 per article starting out.

There are a couple of things that you can do or you
can have the writer do.

You can do the keyword research for the writer and
send the writer the keywords that you want in the
article of you can have them do the keyword research
for you. You can have them do the submission of the
article to the article directories that you want your
article submitted to or you can have them send you the
completed article and submit them yourself.

Remember that if you have the writer submit the articles you
will have to give them a username and password so they
can submit the articles under your account. Just
remember, that some writers will charge you more based
on what you want them to do. Other writers will include
the tasks as part of their writing charge. This is
something that you need to check with each writer.

All in all, outsourcing is a great idea if you have the
budget to do it. It will allow you to take advantage of
the power of article marketing and also focus on other

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To your success,

BJ Min

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