How to Hire a Freelancer or Virtual Assistant Online

by BJ on May 17, 2014

Hello, guys and gals!

As entrepreneurs we want to do everything ourselves…

…BUT a business can not grow if it is a one man's show!

That's why in the video below I am teaching you how to
hire your first virtual assistant and learn to let go:

Lately I have been assisting my parents do some construction
work over a property that they own, and while I have been
overseeing the process, it came to my mind that hiring a contractor
is a lot like hiring a freelancer or a virtual assistant….

You want to follow one simple rule:

Don't Go For The First Person

No matter if you are hiring people online on a platform like,
or you need to hire a plumber for your home, or an
accountant for your business…do your due diligence.

If you are just about to start your business and hire your first
assistant, make sure to review at least a couple of possible candidates.

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When it comes to hiring people, many times we need someone
to do the work fast, urgently, but trust me that is no reason for
hiring the first person who comes along. The truth is that when
things are not done the way we want them we tend to blame the
person we hire without thinking that maybe, just maybe, they weren't
the right choice for us from the start….

The way I recommend you to do hiring is

1. Put candidates through interviews

2. Give each approved candidate (about 5 persons)
a mini task

3. Evaluate the candidates by two criteria:

a. who does the task best

b. who resonates with your the most

Quality, quantity and communication are equally important for
a long term working relationship.

How you do anything, is how you do everything.

Be careful when hiring, take your time, and test, test, test.

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Talk soon,


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