How to Grow Your Income Mindset Exercise

by BJ on September 29, 2013

Hey, everyone!

I hope you are ready for one of the best tips I will ever give you. If you are concerned about your well-being and about making money online, you better read this and watch my video below, too! I repeat, this is not something you will find every day, so pay attention.

Grow Your Income Mindset Exercise

Basically, everyone who gets in this business wants to make it to $10 000 a month. It is just a hump over which every Internet marketer will feel secure. At the time that I starterted doing this exercise I was already an Internet marketer and making about half of my goalĀ $4000-$5000 a month.

I have to be honest, but I don't remember if I read about this exercise somewhere or I made it up myself.


Okay, so my tip is super simple – write down your desired amount of monthly income on a piece of paper and sign it with your name. And then put it on a place you will see every day. It was April 2009 when I wrote ‘I makeĀ $10 000 a month with online marketing'. This was way beyond my dreams. I even thought that I should correct the amount to be more achievable, but I didn't.

Look, you don't need to be reasonable or realistic in your dreams and goals. I know you are scared that you are up for disappointment but this shouldn't stop you to dream. First month, I didn't believe it was possible, next month I thought ‘Maybe I can…', the next ‘Yes, I can do it' and next thing you know, by the end of the year I was making 5 figures per month.

This exercise takes literally 5 minutes of your day, but it will change your mindset about the possibility of you being rich. Write you goal and look at it all the time, daily as much as possible. Now on my paper is written ‘I am a billionaire' and I know it will work.

This exercise WORKS to change your mindset, and that's what really matters.

Income disclaimer: I have only tested this myself, no guarantees.

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