How to Get Your Team to Get Results

by BJ on July 18, 2013


If you want to know how to get your team to get results you are at the right place. In this video below I am talking about what I learned from the top earners of Empower Network. The idea is not to give more training and advice, because of all the training nobody has time left to actually make money! You get me?

To Get Your Team To Get Results, You Have To Achieve Results

Read carefully hear, the best way you can motivate your team to get more results is if you get more results. Lead by example, that's the secret of it. The less time you spend training your team and the more time you spend producing marketing content, the more results you will see from your team.

When You Produce, Your Team Produces Too

I know there is an irony to it, but in the end it all makes sense to me. To create and maintain credibility with your trainings and advice you need to get results first. If you don't get results on your own, nobody's gonna listen to you! They will be “Well, you don't get results, why should I listen to you, man?” So bottom line, produce results and your team will do too. If you spend all your time on training then your productivity and results go down, and nobody will even join your team.

Prioritize on producing and creating content before you train your team. Once you make more money, your team will make more money. This is the reality of it – they don't need more advice and tips and tools, they need to go all in, get the training from the products and make their own money!

The thing is, you can't be successful if you are not committed, and so can't your team – make them commit, buy all the products and start creating content on themselves to see results.

To make money you need to be a leader and produce content, and your team will follow.

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