How to Get Traffic to Your Website with Youtube Videos

by BJ on October 13, 2013

Hi, fellas!

Today I want to share with you one FREE and completely effective traffic source that I use daily and pretty successfully.

Do YouTube Videos To Get Traffic To Your Website

This is it – so simple, so straightforward. I do it, why don't you try, too?
You will be surprised by the results, by the traffic video marketing can attract to your website.

Why do I love video marketing?

1) It's free

2) It is completely FREE

3) It gets you a lot of quality convertible traffic

4) You connect with your prospects on a deeper level

A lot of people ask me how to optimize their videos. Well, trust me that this is not the most important part of it. Basically what I do is just find a great keyword, related to my topic, using keyword tools online, and put it in the beginning of my title. That's all I do.

80% of Your Video Marketing Is Doing It

The details you think about – your hairstyle, keywords and optimization are just 20% of the video marketing. Record whatever video, and you still have a video. Work on the perfect video, and you don't have a video.

My biggest secret to getting over 100 leads per day? Video marketing. And not just planning to do a video – actually recording a video. Videos are my favorite marketing tool because they allow you to connect with your audience almost as if you are there, next to them. This is a powerful tool to convert leads even before they have seen your offer.

What if I told you you have to record and post one video each day for the next 90 days to be successful with this business? This is the truth. Take on this challenge and start making videos today.

I am doing it and I am seeing results. If you are in Internet marketing and want free quality traffic, record YouTube videos, every single day. It works.

Talk soon,


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