How to Get Internet Marketing Advice For Free!

by BJ on January 31, 2009

Hey dudes & dudettes,

I am giving you one HUGE secret to my success in making money online.

What is it?

It is finding & using the free warrior forum internet discussion website.

The is a place where I found at the time I was making my 1st successful website.

The Warrior Forum is an internet marketing discussion forum where all the top internet marketers get together and discuss and help you to make money online. And it is FREE for everyone! I think it has been the #1 internet marketing discussion forum for many many years.

In fact, the top internet marketing gurus are there including myself (a soon to be top internet marketer of course =). )

My website sucked! My sales letter sucked! The images sucked! I sucked! Everything sucked!

…BUT somehow I discovered the Warrior Forum. And from there, I started asking bunch of questions to the internet marketers there.

They provided me SO MUCH help.

And after they showed me the answer, I immediately applied it and started making more and more

To this day, I still use the WarriorForum to ask questions about things I don't know and immediately I get the answers.

I spent THOUSANDS of dollars NOT to mention 8 years to FINALLY to make my 1st successful website.

After all those years, I can HONESTLY say that the warrior forum is better than any coaching program, home study course, ebook, audio course, or any person I have ever met in my life!!!

Of course, you need to USE IT!

By that, go to the search engine forum there and start typing keywords related to a topic that you want to get to know better.

Or do what I did and start asking your questions EVERY SINGLE DAY!

I know some veterans there might not like questions but hey, you need to know the DIRECT answer when the answers are not in the warrior forum.

You will notice that the MORE you use the warrior forum (the more you ask questions, the more you use the WF search engine), the more money you will make online.

So go to warrior forum. By the way, I don't get money for this at all.

I just got sick and tired of making advertising type of videos to be honest with you because SO MANY youtube and other videos here about internet marketing are all about advertising man!

I hate it! And you hate it! We all hate advertisement!

So I want to give you some SOLID advice that really will get you the RESULTS!

I want to make sure all my videos will get you the solid results! No more bs videos from now period!

Take care,

– BJ Min

PS…If you want the blueprint on the best answers I learned from the warriorforum on how to make money with micro niches, sign up for my FREE newsletter at:

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