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by BJ on June 24, 2009

So you have written your article and now
you are wondering what to do with it.
You want to submit your article to
article directories. Today we will
discuss these article directories.

Article directories are the Internet's
free content sites. These are sites that
many web marketers use to pull free
content for there audiences. These sites
contain multiple categories. Most likely
you will be able to find a suitable
category to submit your article or report.
Once you find the correct category simply
submit your article.

These sites are truly great in my opinion
because once you have submitted your
content your done. Other webmasters will
find your article and post it to their site
or use it in their online newsletter.

The result is this will expose your article to
more webmasters and web publishers who will
in turn use your content. If you've done
your homework and delivered an article
to an audience that is hungry for your
information the results can be truly amazing.

Posting your article once can literally start
a chain reaction that can lead to your article
being posted on hundreds or even thousands of
websites which in turn means more free links
and traffic to your desired site or affiliate

There are literally thousands of content
directories online and the trend looks
as if these types of site are going to
be on the rise. Where should you
submit your content? I say start with the,,

You'll find more specific sub directories for your
topic by doing a few search engine
searches for your specific topic + “submit

As a general rule you will
probably get the largest amount of traffic
from the major article directories, but
more is always better. The more places
that display your content with your links
the higher the probability that someone
will find it and use it.

A quick tip… as you find new directories
keep a running list as this will come in
handy for you as you get the hang of using
free content for profit and traffic and start
creating more articles and reports to
give away.

If you would like to get all the detailed
step-by-step tips on internet marketing so that
you can dominate micro-niches like I do,
order the “Dictator Method” Course now:

To your success,

BJ Min

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