How to Get Everything Back If You Lose Everything

by BJ on March 29, 2014

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Welcome to my post about overcoming failure and loss in your business. In the next couple of paragraphs I will show you

How To Get Everything Back

Due to some recent events in my business, I have been reconsidering everything I know, and I came across one ebook I read a long time ago. One of the questions in it stroke me:

If you had everything taken away from you, and only had 30 days to get it back, what would you do?

This question opened a door in my mind and I remembered hearing it from a bunch of Internet marketing millionaires – ‘take everything I own from me, and in 90 days I will be on my way to becoming a millionaire again'

In a way, I feel the same at this right moment. I lost my biggest traffic source online but I don't feel regretful. I just need a new YouTube video channel and 90 days to make a six figure income online again.

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Why am I not feeling stressed or frustrated with losing over 1000 videos online? Well, because nobody took my speaking talent away. Nobody took my knowledge away. Nobody took or can ever take my experience and skill set away.

This is why, the only thing I really own is myself – my mind, my knowledge, my talent. This is the most precious thing I have learned during my years of Internet marketing and especially in the last one, while being part of Big Idea Mastermind and Empower Network.

Bottom line for today – when you focus on growing, you will never be afraid of losing anything, because all you need is YOU.

Watch me disclose what was taken away from me and how I am getting it back:

How did I overcome all fears and became confident and successful online?

Check THIS out!

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