How To Get Discount On Internet Marketing Products – Go to Events

by BJ on April 4, 2014


It is not the first time that I will advise you to go to events but now
I have a very practical and attractive reason for you to do it.

Vick's new course, that you have most probably heard of – Internet
Traffic Formula is worth around $1000. This is the price that you
will pay if you want to get it now.

But for me and others who went to the last Big Idea Mastermind event
in Miami, the course is only $500. The value of events is not only
in knowing yourself and developing your business. It has a financial
manifestation, too.

If you went to Miami's event, you can get Internet Traffic
for almost half price HERE.

My best tip for anyone in my team, anyone is Internet marketing is


No matter if you are a part of Empower Network, but even more
if you are, you need to network with the people who are in
this business. You can see your mentors, talk to your competition,
make a bunch of new and useful friends.

I insist that you go to events because that is where we can have a
real breakthrough – through communication, exchanging ideas, opinions
and stories.

I really started being successful in this business when I went to my
first event in Chicago. I will never ever forget this event and what
happened there. It changed my life forever!

Are you ready to change your life? GO to the next event.

Look, I am not just preaching: I am at a Big Idea Mastermind
event right now in Seattle. Although I have achieved good financial
and personal results, I still believe that success is a process of
stretching yourself and achieving and learning more every
single day.

Watch my video to learn why I go to ALL events:

How and where did I learn all of my success secrets?

One place: Big Idea Mastermind

Become part of the success mastermind NOW!

Talk soon


P.S. Honestly, if you ask me to point you one and only one Internet
business to be a part of, this would 100% be Big idea Mastermind.
Start HERE and start TODAY.


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