How To Get a Breakthrough

by BJ on July 6, 2013

Hi, everyone,

welcome to this video that is especially for my team and for everyone on Empower Network. I am just gonna say it plain and simple guys – go to events!

Go To Events To Get a Breakthrough

If you have been to one of Empower Network's events already, you know what I am talking about, but if you haven't, log in and buy your ticket for the next event now. Going to events will totally transform your vision, it will completely change how you think about your online business.

If you don't go now, you are totally missing out! You are wasting your time, time you can use for meeting other members and learn from them.

Let me tell you my personal story: I went to two events already, one in Chicago and one in Hawaii, and I have to tell you I would have been real stupid if I didn't go! Because, honestly, before I went to Chicago, my first event, I was doing everything by myself and I was kinda chicken in this business. I was reluctant, scared, insecure. And after, oh after the event, I started making it in this business!

I can't even think what would have happened if I didn't go! I wouldn't have been successful at all, if I didn't go. Take advantage of this mastermind now – there is no more effective and influential thing happening for your business growth than an Empower Network event. I mean, before I visited one of those, I was still good, but there, oh my Gosh, I got the real breakthrough! 

What does the event bring you, you ask? Well, the synergy of thousands of people who are focused on only one thing and that thing is believing in yourself! It is so much different when you see it live, when you feel all this energy of the mastermind around you.

So, bottom line, don't hesitate, go to the next event and MEET your mastermind.

If you still haven't joined my team, click here to do it.

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