How To Focus Like a Nerd – Micro Niche Tips by BJ Min

by BJ on July 4, 2009

Today, I want to tell you another
lesson on getting you to FOCUS
and achieve BETTER results online.

…The first thing you want to do is
UNSUBSCRIBE from all email newsletters
that you subscribed to that you do
NOT read…

Nowadays, there are hundreds of email
lists you probably have signed up to.

You don't even have time to do your work
because you are busy reading these emails.

And most of the time, they are nothing
but distraction from getting you
to achieve real results.

That's because TONS of email newsletters
will TEMPT YOU in to checking out other

…And  you know what I said about
the importance of FOCUSING on ONE METHOD…

…So do that today!

UNSUBSCRIBE from all newsletter lists that
you do not intend to commit to…

That includes me as well!

If you do NOT intend to learn from me, then
do yourself a favor by unsubscribing from

…I am the FIRST internet marketer to
tell you that because 99% of them just want
to sell you stuff.

But I really want you to achieve LONG LASTING
results on the internet.

To do that, GET RID of all email newsletters
except for the ONE method you are committed to.

Do that today!

For more tips, download my FREE “Dictator Method” eBook:

Talk to you soon…

BJ Min

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