How to Find Your Mission in Life

by BJ on November 24, 2013


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What I would like to tell you about is how to find your mission in life.

If you don't have a purpose or a goal in front of you, you don't know where you are going. If you don't know where you are going, you will never get there.

It is clear already where I am going with this – if you want success, you need to visualize it. You need to know what success means for you.

And here comes in today's topic – creating your mission. When you have cleared up your mission in one single sentence and you know exactly what is the purpose of each action you take, you will see a tremendous change in your motivation, enthusiasm and ability to work.

Having a Mission In Life Will Accelerate Your Success

Your mission, when it comes from deep inside of your heart, is the biggest motivator for you to take action and achieve your goals. Because your real mission is the thing that will fulfill you in life.

To find what is your mission ask yourself what do you want in life. Then ask yourself why you want it. And keep asking until you get so deep that you don't have to think about the answer.

Then, use your mission as your lighthouse – whenever you have to take a big decision turn back to it and decide if this decision supports it. In this way you will never feel anxious and always be on the right track.

Having a mission is just the first step. I mentor folks, just like you, into fulfilling their dreams and achieving success. All you have to do to start is join my team HERE.

Watch my video to learn how to come about your own mission:

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