How To Find Your Mission In Life And Find Your Why

by BJ on November 1, 2013


how are you all doing?

Have you ever wondered what is that you are supposed to do in this world? Have you ever been frustrated by the fact that you don't know what your purpose is? Have you dreamt about finding your inner why and having a fulfilling life?

Well, if the answer is YES then the end of your searches has come.

The reason your personal inner ‘why' is so essential is that it gives a purpose to your life. It basically gives you motivation to get up every morning and do what you do.

How to find it?

It is simple: ask yourself what do you want

Maybe, your answer is ‘I want to be a millionaire.' Okay, but why? ‘Because I want to have a house on the beach.' That's nice, but why?

Do you get it? Go deep, don't stop asking ‘why' questions until you feel you have found the root of your motivation to do whatever you are doing.

When do you know? Well, you will know that you are there when you basically stop giving logical answers that you have to think about. When you start answering with your heart, not with your brain, that is your inner why.

This is the way to make it real and personal. Because nobody knows what's deep inside of you. Nobody is you, and you are nobody. You are unique and your purpose in life is unique, too. Don't lose that.

Watch my video to learn which is my favorite quote in the moment:

‘Why' is the question you should ask until you find out that deep reason of your existence.

How will you recognize it?

You can't describe it, but when you know, you know.

Don't stop digging!

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Take care,


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