How to Find Your Mission and Follow Your Passion

by BJ on December 10, 2013

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I am talking about finding your passion, and your mission, and following your dreams all the time. And logically, you will ask, ‘Well, BJ, weren't you an Internet marketer?….What about making money online?'

If I have to be honest, before I joined this mastermind, I was thinking about the next big hit that will make me more and more money all the time. Now, I think I have grown up and have come to realize that money is not the most important.

Sure, you need money, and making big ticket commissions online is great…

….but money alone will never satisfy you. You will just want more and more of it. While your dreams will bring you satisfaction. Even if you don't achieve them completely, even if you make very little money with them, following your dreams will leave a warm fulfilling feeling in your heart.

That is why I always say

Follow Your Dreams, And Money Will Follow

There is a difference between achievement and fulfillment. If you want to experience real fulfillment in your life, you need to follow your dreams first, and only after that think about making money with it.

I know, I know what you are thinking. But whatever you say, I know how I feel – I used to make 6 figure income online and never really feel happy about it. There was something missing. Now I make more money, but I am doing the things that I love, that make me come alive.

You can have both, you don't need to choose. That's the best part about it.

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