How To Find Out If You Are On The Email Black List for Micro Niches

by BJ on June 25, 2009

Are all of your emails getting through
to your customers? This is a big
question that you should be asking
yourself. You see over 40% of all your
emails actually make it to your customer
list. Unfortunately, a lot of ISPs do
not send back an undeliverable message.
For example, if you have AOL customer,it
appears that over 80% of those messages
are blocked by the AOL servers.

It is very possible that you are on a
black list and you may not even be
aware of the fact that you are on this

Black lists are lists of domain names
and IP addresses that claim to originate
spam. If you are found on this list,
major ISPs and corporations email systems
won't deliver any emails that come from

In order to get on this list, somebody
must have reported that spam came from
either your domain name or a certain
IP address. This is list is not always
correct, but just one complaint from an
irate customer or competitor and you
can get blacklisted.

It is unfortunate, but sometimes the
black lists that are maintained by
anti-spam organizations or by
individuals, list the IP address of
the suspected spammer as well as the
IP addresses in that range of
addresses. This means people using
the same Internet provider can be
blacklisted as well as the one that
is being accused of spamming.

Here are some ways to check and see
if you are on a blacklist. You can
check your server log when you send
your campaigns. Often you will see
an email bounce notice which means
that the message has bounced
because you are on a particular
black list.

You can enter your IP address into
a form on the site of the major
black lists. By checking this, you
can find out if you appear on the
list or not.

There is a tool known as the Black
List monitor that automatically
checks your IP against most of the
major black lists and lets you
know which lists you are listed on.
All of your IPs are continually
monitored for any changes, listings,
or delistings.

There is also something known as a
white list which is something that
you should be aware of.

A white list is a list of trusted IP
addresses that various corporations
feel confident will not send spam to
their customers. If your IP is listed
on a certain white list, then your
email messages will be delivered to
the destination email address.

If you are a reputable marketer, then
you want to be sure that you with the
major ISPs so to make sure that you
appear on their white list. There is a
process to go through, but it may be
well worth the effort to go through
the process.

There are also thrid party email
certification programs that members
can improve their deliverability rates.
The members must adhere to email
standards, post a bond against possible
complaints and go through an application

So if you are working with any email
campaigns, it is important for you to
know if you are on a black list, see
about getting removed if you are on
one, and get yourself established on
white lists.

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To your success,

BJ Min

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