How to Find and Live Your Passion

by BJ on November 20, 2013

Hello, guys and gals!

Today I want to talk about something personal – my dream and my passion.

I want to tell you about it because I want to explain you how important it is to know what your passion is.

Follow Your Passion

I am an Internet marketer, as most of you know already. But I am not in this business just to make money online (which I am doing by the way). I am in this business because it gives me the opportunity to impact the world in a positive way. My dream is to inspire people to find and follow their own passion.

In this sense, this business is just a platform for me to express and follow my dreams.

What is your dream? What is your passion? What are you fired up about?

It is important to know that, because only when you are following your passion you are yourself. You are real and people can sense this. For example, when I make my videos I don't act. It is me that you can see below. But I am also not always so pumped up. This only happens when I know I am doing something to achieve my dreams.

Your passion gives you the power to inspire. Your passion gives you the power to be more and to continue even when it is hard. It is your passion that will pull you out of your deepest misery to start again, and again, and again.

In the end of the day, the one who benefits from all of it is YOU. If you follow your passion, you will never feel tired, you will never feel bored, you will never feel down.

Because your passion fires you up.

Your passion make you strong.

Your passion makes you take action day after day to achieve success.

Find your passion and live it daily. It is who you are.

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