How to Find a Target Market

by BJ on December 5, 2013

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How to Find a Target Market

First, let me elaborate on the importance of finding a target market. The biggest mistake people do in business, and in life for that matter, is trying to satisfy everyone. You can't be everything to everyone, because then you become nothing. It is better to be a lot for a few, than trying to shine on every sky.

For a successful business proposition you need to know who your customer is. You need to have a virtual, and why not even real, avatar of your customers so you can target your messages directly at them.

If you don't do that your marketing offers are dispersed to individuals who may never be interested in your product. Marketing is not about making everyone buy your product. Marketing is about making the right people come to you.

Your Ideal Customer Is The One That Bought From You

So who is your target market? Well, look at the people who have already bought from you. They posses all the characteristics of your ideal customer. They are your target market. Study them – what do they like, where do they work, what are they interested in?

Answer these questions and you will have a full profile of your target customer. Then you can start working on creating marketing messages which will attract more people like them.

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