How To Find a Niche – Micro Niche Marketing Tips – High Personal Connection

by BJ on October 11, 2009


it's BJ here…Here's a quick tip about how to find a good niche.

A lot of times, people just go into niches just because it has good money making potential.  It's important to look for niches that hae the high demand and low competition (for money making potential).

But ONE AREA gets ignored when it comes to the topic of finding niches.

For the long run, it's ALSO good to go into a niche that you also have a HIGH PERSONAL CONNECTON with such as:

– your passions

– your exertise

– your commitment

The 3 things to look for in a niche are your passion level, expertise level, and commitment level.

That means, you want to be PASSIONATE about that topic.  That topic must be something you have lots of enthusiasm for whenever you talk with others.  The more passionate you are for a topic, the more FUEL you will have to do whatever it takes to achieve success in that field.

You also want high expertise level.  That means, you want to have better knowledge than the average Joe regarding that topic.  The more expertise level you have for a niche, the better your content will be for the field.

You also want a high commitment level.  If you are committed to a certain topic (niche), then you will be there in the tough times to continue working on your business.

In summary, you want to have high passion, expertise, and commitment before you jump into a niche.

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