How to Find a High Converting Product on Clickbank – How to Make Money Online Part 2

by BJ on January 18, 2015

How to Find a High Converting Product on Clickbank

This is the SECOND video of the How to Make Money Online series which I have broken down into 7 steps.

The SECOND STEP is to find a HIGH CONVERTING PRODUCT to sell online.

Many people want to get started for free and ONE of the BEST places to start is clickbank.

So I want to share with you a video on how to find a PRODUCT on clickbank to sell online because that is one of the fastest ways to find a product to sell on the internet AS an affiliate marketer (meaning you can promote someone else's product and make a commission whenever someone buys from your affiliate link).

In this lesson, you will discover 2 lessons to find the right product to sell online.

1) Find a high converting product.

2) Find a product in the niche you are most passionate about because promoting something you are passionate about will ultimately help you experience true success, true fulfillment, and true purpose in your life and business.

…Again, I want to re-emphasize you to go into the niche that you are personally passionate about to ultimately go into business in the direction of your dreams.

If you're into making money online, then consider the internet marketing niche.

If you're into singing, then go into the ‘how to sing' or ‘music' niche.

If you're into pets, then consider the pet training niche.

…Bottomline, go into the niche that FULFILLS you from the inside out because I don't want to just teach how to make money online.

Listen, I've made a good amount of money (even over millions in sales that I have generated where I shared a big portion of my sales/profits with my affiliates at the time) in niches I was ABSOLUTELY NOT PASSIONATE about and it was very unfulfilling.

…That's when I learned the lesson to go for my own DREAM business.

No amount of money will fulfill you if you're making money in the direction that you are not fulfilled with.

I don't too much in-depth about this topic in the video above but I want to make sure you understand the lesson that I learned.

…so when you DO make it, then you don't have to start all over again like I did.

It's better to START RIGHT in the RIGHT NICHE…in your DREAM NICHE…so you can ultimately make money in your dreams as well.

Ok I hope you get the lesson.

Having said that…

…This VIDEO is part of my 7 STEPS TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE Series.

IF you want to see my FIRST STEP, then click here.

After I finish this 7 step training, I will provide all the videos in ONE section.

Enjoy and keep taking daily steps to achieve your dreams this year!

Let me know your thoughts on the comments.


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