How to Double Your Conversions – Double Your Optin and Sales Conversions

by BJ on October 7, 2013

Hey, guys!

This is BJ Min with your Internet marketing tip of the day.

Have you every wondered why you don't get any sales online? Do you have sleepless nights over the low conversion rates of your site?

Worry no more, because in the next couple of paragraphs I will reveal to you how you can double your conversion rates and FINALLY start making money online.

How to Double Your Conversions

Okay, the trick I will reveal to you now is something I learned directly from my mentor and I really hope I don't get in trouble for sharing this because this stuff is not free to know, generally. And now you have the chance to learn this super easy tip, just because you read my blog. Imagine how much you can learn if you click the link below and join my team!

The secret is to use re-targeting sites such as ReTargeter. What will this website do for you? Well, once somebody is on your page and doesn't buy, and leaves, there will be a little banner ad that will follow the visitor to the next site, and to the next site and to the next site. The banner ad will actually move itself and retarget the website where it shows to attract the attention of more people.

This little trick itself can double your conversion rate. What does this mean? More sales with the same traffic. A person who didn't buy the first time is more likely to buy the second.

Use this tip wisely, and please don't share it around, it is exclusively for my readers. If you want to learn more traffic and Internet marketing tips and tricks, you have the chance to get mentored directly by me! Just click the link below and join today.

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