How To Do Video Marketing on YouTube

by BJ on December 13, 2013

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This is BJ with your daily success tip. Today we are talking about Internet marketing. In particular,

How To Do Video Marketing on YouTube

If I had to give you one tip, not a technical one obviously, about marketing with content, also with video content it would be

Keep It Real

What I mean here is that when I make my videos I don't pretend to be an expert in something I am not, I don't have a script, I don't act. I don't buy likes, comment or views. This stuff is not genuine. All you need to do in your videos is focus on the keywords for which you want to rank, and give good, valuable content.

A lot of people are trying to trick Google and other search engines with SEO cheats, but take my advice and don't do that.


Because it is a waste of time. Google is ever changing, ever improving and becoming smarter and smarter. But it's ultimate goal is the same – to provide valuable, relevant information.

Therefore if you do that – give value and relevant information in your video/content marketing, you are on the right track.

Technically, what you have to focus on is having the right keyword in the beginning of your video title. That's all:

1. Content

2. Keyword

3. Quantity

I am mentioning quantity here, because in my experience, not every video will rank high or bring you in traffic. So you have to upload as many videos as possible (keeping in mind we are to paying for likes, etc) to make sure that some of them will bring you the amount of traffic that you want.

You can get pretty good results with video marketing, as long as you keep it genuine.

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