How To Do Affirmations and Build Your Mindset

by BJ on July 4, 2013

Hi, there,

it's BJ with a video which is super important for your success. And also, it is even more important for your life. I am talking about truly living your life to the fullest, the way you want to be, about being the person you have always wanter do be. This is all possible!

You Can Create Your Own Reality

By the power of affirmations you can literally change who you are, you can change how you live, and ultimately you can change how much money you make!

It is amazing that we can change into who we are. It sounds weird, doesn't it? But this is the reality, who you are is deeply hidden in you and you have to find this little seed and start feeding it, watering it and it will grow into a beautiful flower of who you really are.

What you want, this is the voice of this little seed, calling you to open yourself and let it grow. So what you have to do is unite heart and mind and start becoming the person you want to be. With your heart, you have to really be passionate about it, and your mind you have to program to be the real you.

There are many ways you can do that, which I can teach you if you let me mentor you. The key to affirmations is consistency and details. You have to be very specific about your goals, your affirmations, your ideal day. They have to be personal and you have to read them every day, you have to say them all the time. Consistency is crucial for affirmations to take affect on your mind.

When I get up first thing in the morning, what do I do? Read my affirmations so I can program my mind for the person I want to become. This is how you build a better you, how you tell yourself a different story about who you want to be, and become that person!

Decide with your heart to work on your mind and start creating your new reality today – in life and in business, it's possible.

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