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by BJ on June 28, 2009

Here are som basic tips that will
will show you how to decorate your blog
so that people will come and take a
look at it.

1) Remember to Make It Visual:

Blogs that are all words may have a lot
of useful information on them but they are
boring and hard on the eyes. Visitors to
your blog will react more pleasantly and be
happy to return for more if you remember to
add pictures to highlight your posts as
often as possible.

2) Add Informative Links:
Use the blogging platform's control panel
to add links to your sidebar that will be
of use to your visitor demographics. Not
sure who your visitors are? See the next

3) Add a Tracker:
Some of the blogs already have a way to
track who your visitors are and some do
not. Even the ones that do have a
way to see how many visitors you have had
usually are not very thorough. Adding a
tracker like Google Analytics or a tracker
from Extreme Tracking can provide vital
information about who is reading your pages.

Installing these trackers does require a
little bit of coding but have no fear you
can still do it. The code is provided for
you and most of the blogging platforms
have WYSIWYG or What You See Is What You
installation methods for adding codes.
Find the widget or template areas that say
‘add HTML code' and place the code the
tracking system gives you there and you
are done.

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To your success,

BJ Min

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