How To Deal With Haters

by BJ on July 5, 2013

Hey, guys!

This is BJ here with a quick video to help you focus on your goals and your vision. Also, I am giving you some tips on how to deal with haters. Yes, those people who just can't be confident enough to swallow your success and try to put you down.

You know, in any business, including Internet marketing, there will be people who are negative, who are discouraging or who don't believe in you.

Focus On Your Goals And Your Vision

My point is that everybody has a road, and you have to focus on your own road, on your own calling, and not let people put you down. If you are a negative person, or a pessimist, or whatever you call this bitterness inside some people, YOU can CHANGE! Yes, believe it, it is possible, you can change. But if you are on the right track and you are surrounded by pessimists, don't even pay attention to them.

They are trying to feed you their own vision, when you have your own road to walk, guys! So don't get to their level and try to argue who is right and who is wrong, just focus on your own vision and goals.

For example, sometimes, maybe you won't believe, but there are people who leave negative comments on my videos and they get really personal. At this time, I want to fight back and argue, but I stop myself. It doesn't make sense to be on haters' level and focus on their bitter comments or on their vision – focus on your own goals and vision. You have to focus on where YOU are going. It is not worth it to prove yourself right to every hater, just talk to people who are ready to follow you, who are ready to share your vision.

Focus on your vision at all times, and ignore the negativity. Live your vision every day!

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Talk soon BJ


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