How To Create YouTube Videos For Video Marketing

by BJ on June 29, 2013

Hey, guys!

It's BJ with a quick online marketing tips video here. One of the best ways to do online marketing is video marketing, it's actually what I am doing right now, right here in front of you. Did you know that

After Google YouTube Is The Second Biggest Search Engine

More and more people search for content on YouTube every day, there is a video about everything, there must be a video of you, too. Yes, what are you waiting for, you there?

So now, back to making video marketing work. One word – consistency. My mentor challenged me to do one video per day in a 90-day challenge but now I am doing 3 videos a day, every day for 90 days. This is what I call consistency! I highly recommend that you start the same challenge. Whatever field you are in just do the 90-day challenge posting at least one video per day.

But why? You will become a better video marketer, for one. You will get quality traffic that converts, too. Mostly, you become more confident and this affects all aspects of your life.

Back to my ONE TIP: Do you ever have these times when you talk to yourself? Yes, yes, I knew it couldn't be only me. Sometimes we feel so inspired, so pumped up with energy that we just have to explode and we start talking to ourselves. Well, why are you not recording this? Why are you not recording your inspiration? Do it! This way you create not only a vast amount of videos full of enthusiasm and energy but you also you record raw, authentic, real YOU videos!

Record Yourself When You Talk To Yourself

This is how I do it, how I make great content for more than 3 videos per day, even 5 videos per day, when I am really inspired, energetic, that's the time to record. So start recording yourself now, video marketing is easy when it's real. Just do it! Just do it NOW.

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