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by BJ on June 27, 2009

This is a simple post that will
get you started with a blog of your own
so that you can share your personal
insights, helpful tidbits of information,
and comment on the world around you with
the world.

1) Find a platform you are comfortable

In order to start a blog you have to
find a host that offers the right set up.
Unless you know complicated codes and
other technical mumbo jumbo you can't
start a blog without one. See, I bet you
thought you would have to right? Not at
all. Blog platforms like,
WordPress, LiveJournal, and MySpace are
the most common and easiest to use

2) Come up with a concept.

Good blogs have a focus that attracts
people interested in that particular
subject matter. Music, arts, and politics
are often attractive subjects for those
just starting to blog. Of course an even
simpler method of blogging is to just
have a general blog about everything
and anything that comes to your mind
at the time you are writing.

3) Come up with a name.

The blogs that get the most attention
are ones that have catchy, relevant names
for the subject matter you want to blog

4) Enter your information to get started.

All of the common blog platforms are set
up for blogging. They require no
complicated contortions or a need to
insert codes. All you have to do is fill
out their simple forms and you are ready
to blog.

Start Writing. It really is that simple.
Once your forms are filled out you will
be prompted to start writing on your new

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step-by-step tips on internet marketing so that
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To your success,

BJ Min

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