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by BJ on June 16, 2009

The typical activity of an article marketer
is to post their articles in article
directories with the goal of driving traffic
to their website. There is another way to
get traffic to your website, and this is by
creating affiliate marketing blogs. These
blogs give you the opportunity to rank high
in the search engines and send free traffic
to your affiliate sites. So here are some tips
for you as you work with your affiliate
marketing blogs.

Tip #1. Choose keywords that are related to your
affiliate marketing niche. Don't make the
mistake of choosing highly search terms
in your niche. Choose longer-tail keywords.
They might have less traffic, but your
competition won't be as high and you'll be
able to get ranked in the search engines
faster when you put them in your affiliate
marketing blog.

Tip #2. Write content rich affiliate marketing
articles to put in your affiliate marketing blog.
Don't make you blogs long. Choose a fact that
you can expand on. Write this in a way that makes
the article interesting and the reader feel like
they didn't waste their time.

Tip #3. Remember that the advantage of posting to
your own blog is that it gives you the power to
change and edit things the way you want.

Tip #4. You can ping the search engines, which lets
the world know that something new has been
posted and that it is ready to be read. People will
be compelled to visit the blog over and over again.

Tip #5. As you work on your affiliate marketing blogs,
remember that these blogs are of the most popular
content platforms on the Internet. It is easy to post
content-rich content without having to deal with HTML
or any other technical stuff. Just remember to keep
adding content and watch your ranking get higher in
the search engines.

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To your success,

BJ Min

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