How To Create Multiple Streams of Income Online

by BJ on February 28, 2014

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How To Create Multiple Streams of Income Online

First of all let me clear it up for you, WHY you want to create multiple streams of income online. Like the big names in the corporate world say ‘Never put all your eggs in one basket'. This means that the more diversified your business is, the lesser the risk you are taking – if one opportunity doesn't work, then you always have the others. Moreover, in this way you can increase your income online exponentially.

So here is how to do it:

Let's say you promote one big program or product. You can create multiple streams of income online only with it! What I am doing is promoting the tools and software that anybody would need to start a business online.

For example, you can become an affiliate for the auto responder service that you use. Every marketer online needs an auto responder service to stay in touch with their list.

Another option is to promote your hosting company. It might seem unusual but you will be surprised to find out that all of the websites and services you use online have affiliate programs. So, you use the service anyway, it won't hurt to write a blog post to promote it, right?

One extra tip: Promote only products that you use yourself. In this way your message will be authentic and honest, and you can reveal what truly is awesome about this product. Thus more people will get influenced by your message and probably buy the product.

Watch my video for extra tips on finding extra income streams online:

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