How To Create Great Content

by BJ on July 9, 2013


It's BJ here sharing one great idea that I just had and can help you create great content. I am quite sure you know the basic principle of marketing

More Value = More Money

but how can you apply this to Internet marketing? I will tell you how. No matter what you do – video marketing, blogging, e-mail newsletters, presentations – FOCUS ON THE PEOPLE.

The point I am making is that you should always have the customer, or your target audience, in mind, and give value to them. When you do something, don't do it for yourself, do it for the people.

And here, I want to share my idea with you on creating valuable content. Whenever you are in the creative process of recording or writing imagine you are doing it for your son, or your daughter. Imagine them, there, listening to you. What value would you give them? What advice do you want them to read? What are the pearls of wisdom you would share with them?

Create Content As If Talking To Your Child

Whenever you are creating content, do it for your child! I know this is a new mindset of giving, instead of waiting for something to come. But, hey, the only way you will make people care is if you give them value and focus onĀ them.

With this new mindset you can start really creating value for the people, and with value comes what? Remember – MORE MONEY. Isn't that the point?

So this is how I am challenging you to create your content – as if you are talking to your son or daughter, and you are leaving them your legacy. This is the way to actually impact the world, to put your stamp on history even! When you create valuable, personal content, people will FOLLOW you! Trust me, I am experiencing this right now.

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Take care


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