How to Create a New Habit

by BJ on June 23, 2013

Hey everyone!

I made this video to give you a tip I learned directly from my mentor on how to create new habits. He taught be that if you want to change your life you have to change your habits, you have to go to your inner core, the way you do things and start from there!

Change Your Habits And You Will Change The Way You Live

Using myself as an example I can say that changing your habits, or creating a new habit can be difficult at first but you NEED to keep going, don't give up, that's what matters! If you really want to create a new habit you have to actually push yourself to do it.

So the first week or so will be strange, will be hard but after that it will start feeling kind of natural, kind of like a habit, actually. If you want to see results and to create a new habit you actually have to do this thing 21 days in a row. Don't skip a day, just 21 days and you will have created a new habit.

21 Days To a New Habit

What I would do though, is actually go for 30 days in a row and then, you wake up one day and you need to do that thing, you will feel uncomfortable and strange not doing it actually. Just try it and you will see, all you need is 30 days, guys, nothing more.

You don't need to start with business or marketing habits at all, start with yourself, create habits that will make you the person you want to be.

Fake it, till you make it!

That's the ultimate truth about life – if you want to be something, to have some habit just do it, force yourself, tell yourself you must do it, until you need to do it and it becomes a part of yourself, a part of who you are.

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