How to Convert Traffic Into Sales

by BJ on July 10, 2014

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How to Convert Traffic Into Sales

from a six-figure Internet marketer:

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One thing that surprises me more and more in Internet marketing is that everybody is all about TRAFFIC without ever talking about the fact that you actually need to convert traffic into sales.

In marketing in general it takes seven contacts for a person to buy. This means that people need to hear your marketing message at least 7 times before they are ready to buy. Knowing that it surprises me that many entrepreneurs stop with marketing as soon as they get the lead. Mistake! You need to create a relationship with your leads and make them know you and like you before they buy anything from you.

My Best Tip For Conversion

is to create an auto-responder sequence that will be send to every new lead by email. Maybe you have already done that, but there are two very important details to DO IT RIGHT:

1) Have at least 14 days of emails, ideally have 30 days of emails.

2) Give value 80% of the time and pitch only 20% of the time. The more useful your emails are to your leads, the higher the chance that they will buy the product you offer them.

This is a simple but powerful tip – don't underestimate the power of an auto-responder sequence to increase your conversion rate! As they say – the money is in the list, but only if you use your list. 

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