How to Build Your Dream Online Business

by BJ on October 29, 2016

It's been one of my dreams to help other people discover and build their own dream business online.

And finally after years of talking about it, I am finally doing it. So I wanted to share with you the 7 BIG LESSONS I learned on how to discover and build your own dream business online! Enjoy!

Here are 7 basic steps to help you discover, build, and start your dream online business.

  1. Discover your dreams Рwhat is it that you want?  why do you want it? write down your thoughts as you go in your journal (used for your business & success).
  2. Ask yourself what type of business to enter – what type of business fits into your ultimate dream? for example, my current dream is to help entrepreneurs discover and build their dream business online…right now angling myself with digital products in a very do it now style. then, ask yourself what type of business fits into your dream.
  3. Start your business – Just get started. this is probably the most challenging part of being an entrepreneur. it's getting started. but once you get over this hump, the momentum will follow like a snowball growing bigger, faster, and stronger over time NATURALLY!
  4. Challenges will arise – challenges will arise so don't fret. what matters is going through the battles and then getting back up.
  5. 80/20 – focus on your 80/20 to find out where 80% of the impact is coming from…and then focus on maximizing your productivity by focusing on the 20%
  6. Delegate – Delegate your work to build a team around you that helps you accomplish your dreams to ultimately serve your own mission for your business.
  7. Teach – Teach what you learned. Your lessons can be valuable to many people out there so if you teach, it will help you feel more fulfilled in what you do as well.

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